Family Al Fresco

Honey Smoked Fish Co.


  • Boulder, CO

One of the most immediately identifiable, and yet strangely undefinable, moments of the year is the warm summer evening. An instant nostalgia spills out of your soul. A mixture of scents, temperatures, laughter, and soft light, being in a backyard as the sun goes down in July or August pushes triggers all of the senses in a way unlike any other time of year. Like so many of memorable human experiences, a table is often at the center, binding everything together. There is a figurative taste to a gathering that stretches the literal taste of a shared meal in unpredictably joyful ways.

With a tasty spread from Honey Smoked Fish Co., this shoot took place at a beautifully designed home in Boulder, Colorado. From the glow to the shimmer, the photos captured that warm sweetness when time slows down and you can't help but stop and take it all in.

Photography by Stephan Werk