Pause to Protect



  • Lakewood, CO

Some stories tell themselves, some need telling, and some are inherently resistant to being told. This project for Pause to Protect was in the latter two categories. Guns are a weighty topic, and suicide infinitely more so. Local agency Vermillion, just a few minutes away from La Storia here in Boulder, came to us to produce a video that tackle both of these issues in the context of an ongoing initiative to secure firearms and save lives. 

A wonderful collaboration followed, with the Vermillion and La Storia teams figuring out how to thread the needle to weave together a story that is relatively taboo. What was created in the end is a video that is unexpectedly uplifting and consoling – something that communicates a sense of connection and confidence. "Community" is a word that is tossed around quite a lot; but in this case, it truly was at the heart of the process from the concepting, to the writing, to the planning, to the production, and on through completion. 

The staff at Bristlecone – who all volunteered their time, space, and knowledge – only outdid their friendliness with their helpfulness. This was a project about real people, real experiences, and real commitments, and that sentiment was embodied by the entire crew, and was infused in all of the tiny details of this production: removing and resetting Christmas decor, framing up for anamorphic squeeze, creating our own community photo wall, sharing Greek cuisine for lunch, sticking around at Bristlecone after wrapping. 

Interesting projects sometimes come the least expected corners of society, and the difficulties they present are often the driving factor behind the creation of something that surprises and shakes up your sensibilities.