We Luv to Talk



  • Denver, CO

The list of variations on the saying "there are two types of people in the world" is impossibly long: cat vs. dog (for traditionalists), David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar (for Van Halen fans), those with loaded guns vs. those who dig (for cinephiles), and EasyRig vs. handheld (for DPs) etc. etc. 

For communication in the 21st century there is also "those who prefer to talk, and those who prefer to text." If you have a phone, you've probably been torn between the two at some point. But, like basically all of those sayings, it's not really an either/or situation. You can like talking AND texting equally. The wireless provider TextNow certainly thinks so, and would even like you to do both for free. 

The idea is simple, and so we kept it simple: one talent, one location per spot, and some 2D animated graphics to show that wireless commercials doesn't have to include someone jabbering on and on about activation fees, expensively "free" phone offers, and totally-not-misleading-at-all-this-time-for-real-we-promise contractual obligations. Because after all, free is no hard sell.