Protecting Film Footage to Protect Ocean Life



  • Denver, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Longmont, CO

As fellow filmmakers, we sympathize with Emmy-winning cinematographer and environmentalist Shawn Heinrichs’ greatest fear of losing footage. Shawn makes his living by traveling to some of the most remote corners of the planet to capture breathtaking interactions of rare species and ecosystems. Losing that footage would be losing something that's irreplaceable. So when we were approached by LaCie to produce a piece that showcased Shawn and his workflow to ensure his footage is always backed up and safe, we were honored to help tell his story. Shawn's mission is to use the imagery he captures to move people, affect change, and help preserve the environment.

Anything we can do as a company to help aid him in that mission we think is time & energy well spent. This piece was shot in one production day on-location outside Boulder, Colorado.  


  • Creative Director Daniel Parker
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • AC Josiah Roetker
  • Talent Shawn Heinrichs
  • BTS Photographer Daniel Parker


  • Angenieux Cinema Zoom Lenses
  • RED Epic
  • RED Weapon
  • Sony FS7