2022 E-Comm Buyer's Guide



  • Boulder, CO

Standing on the top of an impossibly majestic mountain can be somewhat overwhelming. Equally so can be figuring out what things you want wrapped, strapped, clipped, buckled, tied, zipped, cinched, and gripped to your tiny little body balancing on that massive peak. What's between you and the elements matters, just ask... well, never mind... suffice to say that while the sensation is free, the medical bills are not. 

Lucky for us we don't have to seek out an interview with the legendary pro-skier mountain goat, or the ever-elusive shredding yeti for the insider scoop. We have Freeskier Magazine. For 2022 they hit us up to showcase the best of what the skiing industry has to offer. Boots, and bindings, and goggles, and gloves, oh my! And let's not forget about helmets and mid layers (which tend to come in handy). 

With who knows how many thousands of dollars of incredible gear waiting for their close up, no material nor knowledge was spared. We dug deep into the physics of light refractions and color theory, moving through setup after setup, to make sure the goggles looked perfect in-camera. We built an adult-sized, white seamless tunnel mining for the perfect light.

58 products total were photographed at multiple angles over the course of the day.