My Way to Move with Sloane Rosen

Under Armor


  • Atlanta, GA

Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. So unless you're counting on a strong wind or a shift in tectonic plates, getting yourself moving requires some self-motivation. It also means figuring out what, metaphorically speaking, moves you. There are a lot of passions and dreams out there, and just as many ways to stay moving, whether that be physically or mentally. 

Her Campus and Under Armor brought us in to tell the inspiring stories of three different young women who have achieved much, aspire to achieve more, and have overcome the different challenges and obstacles that life never stops coming up with. From dancing, to soccer, to sports industry, these women have found their personal way to move that keeps them on their toes (literally) and forever looking forward. 

Over two shoot days in Atlanta, we filmed three videos outside and inside the beautiful facilities at The Lovett School. Combined with the still photography taken on the same days, the interactive campaign launched in August of this year.

Get inspired, and ask yourself, "What's my way to move?"