Seagate + Disney



  • Charlotte, NC
  • Boulder, CO
  • Freemont, CA

If Star Wars has taught us anything, it's that basically everything becomes instantly cooler when a lightsaber is involved. It's true for movies, it's true for holiday parties, it's true for your office, and – as it turns out – it's also true SSDs. 

When Seagate came to us with this project as part of their ongoing collaboration with Disney, our nostalgia and deep love for all things Star Wars kicked in as fast as a speeder bike in the forests of Endor. A hundred and one movie quotes later, we got to work creating an animated environment of the inside of a computer that has the feel of a world in Star Wars. 

With faceplates for a current Jedi, a fallen Jedi, and a dead Jedi, these SSDs provide endless opportunities to make puns about the Force being with your PC build. 


  • Client Seagate
  • Client Disney
  • Client Lucas Films
  • Senior Producer, Client Daniel Parker
  • Director RC Walker
  • Head of Animation Peter Godshall
  • Music & Sound Design Steve Paschall