Your Daily Dose of Color

Balance of Nature


  • Boulder, CO

Baskin-Robbins is known for their famous "31 flavors" of ice cream. (30 of them are good. Proof has yet to be found whether anyone has ever actually ordered "Date Nut"). Balance of Nature also has 31 flavors... of fruits and vegetables. True, most of the fruits can be consumed in ice cream form – the kale, asparagus, and zucchini flavors having thus far failed to become a hit with, well, any demographic whatsoever. However, getting the daily amount nutritionists recommend in this way would require a whole lot of scoops, and more waffle cones than any doctor would dare recommend. 

Now, if you ever tried to turn fruits and vegetables into an edible powder – and let's be honest, who hasn't – then you know that it's a mostly fruitless (pun intended) process that results in downright criminal stains on most of what you own. Luckily, Balance of Nature has achieved this elusive feat to the benefit of bodies and laundry bills everywhere. 

For this project, we turned our studio into a laboratory of exploding powders. With two shades for every color in the rainbow, a custom-built system of controlled air compression, and a crew willing to go home looking like they returned from the Holi festival, we created a video that celebrates the many vibrant colors of nature's many delicious offerings. 

And then there was the mini farmer's market we compiled. If you were wondering whether there is a proper technique for a synchronized drop of grapes and bananas, wonder no longer: there absolutely is. Coincidentally, this also made for the healthiest crafty set up in the history of cinema. The whole crew left with bags of blood oranges, or shiitake mushrooms, or whole heads of broccoli. 

All in all, this shoot was half gardener, half MacGyver, and unbelievably tasty. 


  • Creative Director, Client Sam Evans
  • Agency MNTN by QuickFrame
  • Executive Producer Molly McKinney Walker
  • Director RC Walker
  • Director Steve Paschall
  • Director of Photography Troy Ten Eyck
  • 1st AC Helena Gruensteidl
  • Gaffer Fredo Jones
  • Key Grip Nate McConahy
  • PA Kenna Wertheimer
  • CSM, Agency Stacy Bubes
  • CSM, MNTN Allie Lindly
  • HV, Client Tel Stewart
  • Voiceover Talent Shaquana Bell


  • Lighting Aputure 1200 Ds & 600 Ds
  • Dolly Fisher 11
  • Camera FREEFLY Wave Highspeed
  • G&E Ten Eyck Visuals
  • Lenses Zeiss Super Speed Primes