Care You Can Feel

Salud Family Health Centers


  • Boulder, CO
  • Longmont, CO

Most everyone, whether as a child or an adult, has had some experience with so-called “bedside manner.” What we found while filming at one of Salud’s clinics, was that the staff had a lot more manners than that: “reception counter manner,” “pharmacy window manner,” even “paperwork manner.” There was no way to find where the friendliness and selflessness began and ended. It was everywhere. It just was

Salud is a network of health clinics that have been serving underserved communities across greater Colorado for just over 50 years. After two days filming with some of their staff in our studio and at their location in Longmont, Colorado, although we didn’t end up with any medical initials after our names, we did come away with a few things. First, a handful of medical tips and tricks we can use to impress people at parties. Second, the knowledge that we could rock some scrubs or a white coat as well as we do our black, on-set t-shirts. And third, a renewed sense of appreciation for the kind of true, sincere caring that one cannot get from textbooks full of complicated jargon, and certifications with important-looking typography. 

Witnessing a person beaming with care of that sort makes you realize just how intangible and hard to grasp it is, and wonder what root does it grow from? For a lot of the people working at Salud, the seed was planted by their own past experience there as a patient.

For this second partnership with Salud, we created a series of new recruitment videos that tell the stories behind some of those experiences, and just what it is that makes Salud the kind of health center people can’t imagine ever leaving to work somewhere else. All in all, our team made (5) video deliverables presenting a variety of positions in the medical field, and celebrating the healthcare they provide.