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Inside Gaming with Seagate



  • Boulder, CO
  • Charlotte, NC

Like other industries – and perhaps even more so – the gaming world is one full of legends, milestones, breakthroughs, codes, slang, iconography, and savoir faire. A lot of what is involved in seriously getting into gaming has to do with the fast-paced, insanely complex, rabbit-hole-ridden, deep dive into the madhouse of video game tech. 

For the new web series Inside Gaming, Seagate got pro-gamer Patrick Maka to host it, and the La Storia team to produce it. As with any ongoing series, one of the biggest components of the production is the intro that would feature in every episode. We wanted the animation for these videos to be recognizably specific to gaming, but also bridge the gap between console and PC. To do so, we zeroed in on interchangeability of the four-button configuration: the controller's A-B-X-Y (or, triangle, circle, X, square, if that's your jam), morphs into the W-A-S-D keyboard buttons, which then morphs – and flashes back – to the old school Up-Down-Left-Right arrows found on both devices. 

The overarching concept and geometric design aesthetic was a perfect fit for Inside Gaming, which went on to win a Silver Telly award in 2020.

There's a lot to know about gaming (not to mention the tech behind it all), and if you get sucked in you just might find yourself a lot further and deeper into another world than you imagined. And truth be told – whether it's Fortnite or MinecraftCall of Duty or Halo, Mario or Donkey Kong, or even the immortal Ms. Pac-man – we've all taken the plunge inside the animation.


  • Client Seagate
  • Production Company La Storia Productions
  • Head of Creative RC Walker
  • Head of Animation Peter Godshall
  • Sound Design & Music Steven Paschall