Make It Rain



  • Boulder, CO

Plumbing has come a long way from a bucket on an overhanging hook, or a stray pipe peeking out of a some wall. Great advancements have been made in pressure and pleasure. And it all began with a thing called a "nozzle" – imagine a word like that. It mimicked a thumb being tightly pressed over a garden hose. And so modern plumbing was born. Later on the shower heads got bigger and wider, with crazier spray patterns and more exotic rhythms with faraway sounding names. It got weird.

So Moën stepped in to save us from the insanity. One shower head to unite all shower heads. Think a magnetic detachable wand, and combination dials that go from zero to infinity. Smooth as river, and as right as rain.

How do we know this? Because to shoot this product we built a free-standing, fully functional shower with hot and cold water in our studio. But surrounding a subject in shiny black tile is no friend of DPs and gaffers. After bringing out nearly every last piece of material and gear, and arranging them in innumerably ingenious ways we found that "ah-ha" moment when the light sings. We stepped down from ladders, wiped our hands clean on our jeans. We sighed and swept beads of sweat from our foreheads. Before the monitor we whispered, "By God, I think we've done it. It's alive." There was nothing more to do than rig up our cameras in a blast of water – always good fun – and crank the valve.

​Sometimes doing things right means making a mess of the place.