Boom Supersonic



  • Mojave, CA

Remember the Concorde? No, no, not the town in Massachusetts where battles in 1775 launched the American Revolution. THE Concorde (with an "e"): the supersonic airliner from the 70s. If you don't, this video is for you. And if you do, this video is also for you. Supersonic travel certainly sounds like an idea that might first happen in a crazy year like 1969, and, if it could survive the 70s, would really take off (lol) in the 80s as sort of a Tom Wolfe-ian beast where The Right Stuff meets The Bonfire of the Vanities. In the end, the Concorde limped into the 21st century and didn't even outlast the ultimate demise of MTV, never achieving the cultural cachet to rival the Learjet of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd fame. 

However. The best dreams never die. A past era's "best laid plans of mice and men" sometimes evolves in hibernation and gives birth to a new era's better laid plans. And this time the literature will read not "of mice and men," nor of "cabbages and kings," but of engineers and aviators. Boom Supersonic is resurrecting commercial airline travel at, yes, speeds faster than sound. The overture to this not-so-distant age of high-speed transoceanic displacement is fittingly named "Overture." 

This video we made in collaboration with Boom's creative team takes us back before it takes us forward. A quick recap of the Concorde's advent and demise leads us to the successful test flight of Boom's XB-1 plane, and the future it promises in Overture – the supersonic passenger plane on the horizon. 

Combining footage La Storia filmed at the airfield in the Mojave desert, archival footage, and 3D renders, the video makes for appropriately racing viewing. So... put your seat back into its upright position, your tray table up, buckle up, hit play, and enjoy the flight.