On-Snow Demo 2023

Meteorite PR


  • Eldora Ski Resort, CO

If you know anything about ski slang, you know that, first off, most of the terms are rather absurd, and, second off, that you still can't resist using pretty much all of them. A bluebird day shredding the gnar tends to have that effect. (Not to mention the ganjala). 

For their annual on-snow demo, Meteorite PR invited us to skin up, and ski down – with backpacks full of batteries and cameras in hand – to film and photograph the convergence of brand reps, industry insiders and journalists getting their gloves on some of the tastiest upcoming gear. As one would only expect, there was as much technical gear jargon as there was swag and laughter.

Needless to say everyone was more than grateful that their "office" for the day was the great, powdery outdoors.