Super Trofeo: Dax Shepard



  • Lime Rock Speedway
  • Lakeville, CT
  • Kansas Speedway
  • Kansas City, MS

To document their very first season in the United States, Lamborghini hired us to produce a video series that recapped their Super Trofeo race series. As part of this video campaign, we also created a driver spotlight video to highlight one of their drivers. Lucky for us, Lamborghini chose to feature Dax Shepard. Equally as hysterical in-person as he is on the big screen, Dax is a fantastic competitor, driver, and just all around awesome human being. We had a great time working with him and the Lamborghini team on this one (and have one heck of a bloopers reel that we'll continue to keep under lock and key). 



  • Canon C300
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • Canon Cine Zooms
  • RED Epic