Come One, Come All

Balance of Nature


  • Black Hawk, CO

The holiday season is known for two things: fun festivities and crazy busyness. Both of those aspects are combined in having guests over to celebrate. You get the whole package from smiling and loving to zany and unpredictable. All of the surprises the holiday brings also demands quite a bit of energy and sometimes a near bottomless stomach. And while all of the running around is probably good exercise, the small mountain of casserole dishes, desserts, and sugary snacks are not as good for the body as they may taste. 

This spot we made for Balance of Nature captures the craziness and surprises of the season, with some of that holiday charm throughout. To get the idyllic scenery we gathered our crew up in the mountains at an historic old home – perfect for a warm, Christmas at grandma's. The cast of characters included some familiar faces (ahem) and it was also great fun to see the neighbors' faces as we spruced up a house in Christmas decor in March, as if we were either very very late to the party, or ridiculously early for the Christmas 2024.

So with one Christmas à la milk and cookies, and another with healthy dietary supplements, the holidays were twice as nice!