CBD Product Line

Life Elements


  • Boulder, CO

There’s “getting back to nature,” and there’s “giving back to nature.” With their handcrafted, organic CBD bath bombs now fit snugly into 100% compostable mushroom packaging, Life Elements achieves both at once. To help launch this new sustainable effort, we turned our production studio into a little, natural haven full of mushrooms, moss, rocks, soil, and plants galore.

Life, sadly, does not start and end with baths. Life Elements, luckily, is aware of this. If you prefer to stand, they've got shower bombs. If you prefer to sit, they've got foot soaks. But since we can't spend all of our time lying, standing, or sitting in fizzling aromatic water – despite our better efforts – they even created a whole line of CBD tinctures for everything from health, to sleep, to pets. 

Our studio made the tour: mushroom haven, to desert landscape, to nighttime ambiance, to steamy bathroom, and finally a late afternoon on a calming, countryside deck. Each a little element of life.