Just A Hard Drive



  • Longmont, CO

The standard hard drive we all know and use is deceptively simple. It is, after all, a palm-sized box. The fanciest they get is maybe an RGB strip instead of the pinpoint light when it's powered on. If they're working correctly they are also basically silent. So completely unassuming is the hard drive that it almost always goes unnoticed and is even more often taken for granted.

But if you take a look inside – like, deep down inside, not just popping off the cover – you'll discover what amounts to pretty much a whole new world. A world of billions of bits of data, nanoscale precision, electricity, insane mechanics, and lasers. (Not to mention a bunch of stuff with names that the vast majority of us have absolutely no clue what they mean, but will readily admit do sound super cool nonetheless). 

Seagate's CEO wanted to create a video that showcases just how incredible, and cutting edge the technology in a "basic" hard drive is. A video that would blow people's minds once they knew that they probably have a few of these things casually lying around, and would create a renewed sense of appreciation for this humblest of workhorses. 

In the end, you'll discover that the most sophisticated piece of technology you own is, surprisingly, not your cell phone. It's that nondescript looking box running quietly in the background. 


  • Director RC Walker
  • Director Steve Paschall
  • Senior Video Producer Daniel Parker
  • Executive Producer Molly McKinney Walker
  • Director of Photography Troy Ten Eyck
  • Head of Animation Peter Godshall
  • Editor Thomas Torrey
  • 1st AC Jameson Vance
  • Gaffer Jesse Jaco
  • Key Grip Mitch Stelling
  • PA Ryan Ernstes
  • Talent Agency Big Fish Talent
  • VO Talent Drew Patterson
  • Music Composition & Sound Design Coupe Studios