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  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Two things we love: Skiing and sleek technology. 

Naturally, we were thrilled to create this digital marketing campaign for our friends at Flaik, a Colorado-based snow sports management software company that's bringing ski school to the 21st century by nestling simple management tools with smart data. 

One of the biggest challenges for our team as filmmakers on this campaign was one most software companies run into: how do we showcase the intangible with the tangible?  Since a lot of the Flaik's magic takes place on the back end - we needed to find a sleek, beautiful way to showcase features and product functionality to consumers and end-users that when successful, should essentially be invisible.  

The solution?  Combining carefully composed live-action footage with meticulously choreographed on-screen animated graphics to demo software features, and on-screen text to reiterate key messaging and bring it all home for a compelling call-to-action inspired endtag.  

Production took place at Steamboat Resort (thanks to a joint film permit through Routt National Forest) who happens to be a client of Flaik's and provided a stunning backdrop for us to film.  All live-action footage for this campaign was captured in just (1) shoot day on the mountain and included a range of on-camera talent from actual Steamboat Springs and Flaik ski school staff and instructors, to a few professionally cast on-camera talent we brought in for key roles we knew we'd only have time to capture a couple takes of. Our team also managed to avoid any face plants while skiing and operating cameras. *Pats each other on the back.*

Post production was carefully coordinated between our creative teams so we could effort the animation and live-action editing phases simultaneously, without bottle-necking any stages during the process.  All in all, we created (1) 2:50 supercut, (1) :30 cutdown video,(4) cutdown videos for social and digital placement and delivered (70+) Hi-Res Still Photos for Flaik to use in future branding efforts, marketing and outreach.  

Fresh out of the edit bay this week, Flaik has already received great traction and engagement on this campaign and we look forward to checking out all of their analytics in the coming weeks. (One of the many perks of partnering with a software company!)  Special thanks to Steve Kenny and the whole Flaik creative team for entrusting us with this project and your vision and to Steamboat Resort for your hospitality and ice cream as we filmed this project...a winning combo for our crew any day.


  • Director Steven Paschall
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Stacey Fronek
  • VP, Brand Experience Molly McKinney Walker
  • 1st AC Troy A. Ten Eyck
  • AC / B Cam Operator Zhuolin Hong
  • Casting Wilhelmina Denver
  • Editors Steve Paschall, RC Walker & Zhuolin Hong
  • Animated Graphics & On-Screen Text Andrew Dicharry


  • 8K RED Weapon
  • HMI 4K Par-plus
  • Litemat 4
  • LitePanel Astras
  • S60 ARRI SkyPanel
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime Lenses