Magic that Makes Sense




  • 35 Left Studios (Denver, CO)

Chances are at some point in your life you've thought it would be nice if Aladdin (like Robin Williams, sorry Will Smith) was real. Because, let's face it, sometimes you could really use a wish or three. And while you'd almost certainly use them to be able to time travel or fly, or establish world peace, or winkingly "wish for more wishes" with fingers guns blazing, there are nonetheless probably a few things you wouldn't mind changing about your phone. Now, ok, maybe that would be an app that allows you to time travel or fly or establish world peace, but more realistically it might just be as simple as making everything about it free. And "poof," that's where this commercial comes in. 

For our second project with wireless phone service provider TextNow, we all collectively decided to go big and aim for something magical. Literally. A genie character and many visual effects later, in close collaboration with the TextNow creative team, we took a situation as banal as trying to use a phone to map out where to go in your car, and turned it into a humorous, imaginative, and very purple moment. And now that we know such a "Jeannie" is out there, we're all hoping that she'll be popping up again soon...


  • Director Jesse Selwyn
  • Director of Photography Jon Boal
  • Executive Producer Molly McKinney-Walker
  • Line Producer Andrea Nordgren
  • Head of Creative RC Walker
  • Senior Editor Chris Svoboda
  • Associate Creative Director Steven Paschall
  • Talent Leila Henry
  • Talent Amy Argyle
  • Casting Stuart Stone Casting
  • Colorist Pinto Pictures
  • Photographer Peter Godshall
  • 3D Animator Peter Godshall
  • 1st AD Callahan Woodbery
  • 1st AC Kevin Andrews
  • Gaffer Tyler Kaschke
  • Key Grip Justin LaValley
  • Digitech Jon Rose
  • Stills Assist Garrett Milanovich
  • Audio Cody Troyer
  • HMU Beth Walker
  • Props & Wardrobe Stylist Kendra Kimball
  • DIT Tim Hardy
  • Best Boy Electric Zack Lewis
  • Best Boy Grip Doug Hrdlicka
  • 2nd AC Phillip Walter
  • PA Madelin Cover
  • PA Daisy Veciana