Bradley McLain

Just Jane



  • New York, NY

When Director Bradley McClain captured intimate home footage of Jane Goodall in 2015 - he never dreamed of using it to fund a feature length documentary about Jane’s life.  Fast forward nearly 10 years and enter La Storia?  Create a fundraising teaser video using footage from a 1-hr interview recorded almost ten years ago.

We partnered with Coupe Studios who created the custom music score and sound design for the piece.  

Our Head of Post Production, Head of Creative and Assoc. Creative Director worked in conjunction to craft a narrative framework out of Brad’s initial interview and recorded a few ADR lines from Brad to better weave a framework throughout.  

We added a visual degradation to the original footage to lean into the home movie aspect and included a few pieces of public domain footage towards the end for faster approval by the JGI team. 

And the teaser worked. La Storia is currently in production with Brad McClain and Coupe Studios of the feature length version of this documentary.