Baseball Experience Promo

Limerick Studios



  • Charlotte, North Carolina

We were asked us to collaborate with Limerick Studios to help communicate their branding vision to a potential new client. 

We were brought in for the cinematography and production side of this piece, and Limerick handled the concepting and post-production of it.  Creation of this deliverable to aid Limerick in a show vs. tell approach helped them ultimately win this client and account.  


  • Creative Director Julian Andretta
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • Assoc. Producer Nathaniel Calnin
  • Camera Operator Chris Calnin
  • Grip Torrey Schoener
  • Field Audio & BTS Photography Geoff Walker
  • Editor Blake Edwards


  • Black Arm Flocine Stabilizer
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • Movi Pro
  • RED Epic