Quality Assurance


In today's day and age, data is one of our most precious resources. And when it comes to accessing that data, reliability is everything.

For this project, we partnered with Seagate to showcase the thought equity, time, testing rounds, and design expertise that goes into the quality assurance process for each one of their products. As a company, we've used Seagate products for years, long before they actually became a client of ours. And after seeing the dedication that goes on behind the scenes and the tireless efforts of their quality assurance team to make sure that the hard drives customers purchase will perform in just about any situation we can place them in [from the bottom of the ocean to the International space station] we'll continue to be big fans (and end-users) of this brand.


  • Creative Director Daniel Parker
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • AC Josiah Roetker
  • Gaffer Eric Fulcher


  • 1 Ton Grip Truck
  • Angenieux Lenses
  • Arri Skypanels
  • Canon C300
  • Movi Pro