A World Within Reach




  • Boulder, CO
  • Atlanta, GA

More often than not, video and film is about how to represent the world in which we live. Most “blank slates” are not truly blank. But when it comes to gaming, the tabula rasa knows no edge — worlds are not just reflected, they’re created.  

Seagate brought us on board to dive into their first ever gaming event, awarding full production of the event to La Storia, including concepting, production, and all post-production responsibilities.

To kick it off we collectively plunged into the infinite depths of 3D animation, where anything was possible. Piece by piece we imagined a journey through a vast landscape of sand-like particles and otherworldly, monolithic structures. But as our minds walked through those spaces alongside the Seagate team, we all realized that while gaming may take you somewhere else, it does so with the technology of the here and now. So we scaled back the fantastical aesthetic of an unknown world, and shifted to building one that feels slightly familiar, and just within reach. An island. A portal. A future.

We wanted to push Seagate’s technological expertise into a new realm, so we were determined to create a setting that transforms and evolves with movement through different spaces. To make it all happen, we partnered with Peter Godshall (whose surname could not have been more fitting for this project), who brought all of our ideas to life. He built a series of animatics that moved through tunnels and rooms of mechanical geometry reshaping in response to a traveling light source. The detail put into it is… well… out of this world.

The team at Seagate let us run with our aim for an epic start, guiding the overall design, theme, and flow toward a final elevation of Seagate Gaming. It’s amazing how much work is necessary for a quick thirty seconds. But despite the thousand and one words exchanged in the process, and countless hours spent, we still can’t quite describe the thrill of the feeling it evokes.

The gaming industry is advancing in ways that are almost unimaginable. Almost.


  • Client Seagate
  • Production Company La Storia Productions
  • Head of Creative RC Walker
  • Head of Animation Peter Godshall
  • Sound Design & Music Steven Paschall