It's Hyperreal! It's in 3D! It's A-Lyve!




  • Boulder, CO
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Portland, OR

Our friends at Seagate brought us on board to create a 3D animation to debut their all new Lyve Mobile Mount Front Loader. A lightweight enclosure that houses the Lyve Mobile Array, it's designed for mobile data recording and secure transport in extreme conditions, providing customers with more options for capturing mass data in the field.

Putting the viewer in the position of the Lyve drive itself, the video flies inside and throughout the mount to give an up-close look at the features and details of this simple yet effective, rugged yet lightweight, product. Through the stye of the animation, we aimed to convey the practicality of the mount's construction, as well as the smoothness and precision of its functionality. 

Sometimes crafting the most successful video means understanding that less is more, and so betting on less but better.


  • Client Seagate
  • Production Company La Storia Productions
  • Head of Creative RC Walker
  • Head of Animation Peter Godshall
  • Sound Design & Music Steven Paschall