Durango Bike Bag Collection




Because riding a bicycle requires keeping both hands on the handle bars and both feet on the pedals, one is not left with many options for carrying gear besides some Cirque du Soleil balancing act. Which can be especially tricky when riding on mountain trails. So, you throw all your stuff into bags. And now you're stuck with the same problem of how to transport all those bags. One thing Kokopelli is exceptionally good at is solving problems like these.

The Durango bike bag collection is one such example. The Kokopelli team went out a filmed an idyllic ride over the river and through the words to a mountain lake we go. They brought us in for post-production to piece the story together. 

With the rafts and paddle boards to get out on the water, and the bags to bike your way to them, there's no obstacle to living out your own mountain fairy tale. (Grandmothers come too).