Super Trofeo



  • Lime Rock Speedway
  • Lakeville, CT
  • Kansas Speedway
  • Kansas City, MS

The roar of engines starting up, the smell of tires as they pound the track, the glowing brakes that light up the blacktop under the night sky...some of the many pieces that define the beauty of a race. 

To document their very first season in the United States, Lamborghini hired us to produce a video series that recapped the action and drama that is the Super Trofeo.  From Lime Rock to Kansas City, our crew traveled around the U.S. filming various teams on and off the race track, as they competed in the fast lane.


  • Director RC Walker
  • 1st Unit DP Chris Calnin
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • Camera Op & Field Audio Geoff Walker
  • Camera Operator Corey Utke
  • 1st AC Zach Whiteside
  • Editor Chris Walters


  • Canon C300
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • Canon Cine Zooms
  • RED Epic