Matador x Carryology


  • Boulder, CO

Once upon a time backpacks were basic: big zipper pocket, front zipper pocket, two adjustable straps. Your books, hoodie, loose change, and cassette tapes all fit in there. Simpler times. But at some point everyone became obsessed with water bottles and the whole game changed when someone realized that there could be a pocket on the side of a backpack. And thus began the great backpack wars of the 21st century. Bags got involved. It got weird.

Because modern man encounters challenges like getting caught in the rain, being squished into the last available subway seat, running through the streets before they stop serving the best breakfast burritos in town, and having to transport an office's worth of devices at all times – plus a water bottle, of course – tautologies like "there are backpacks, and then there are backpacks" have become commonplace. 

Fortunately, for those nostalgic for the days when functionality was a synonym of simplicity, nature still abhors a vacuum (Aristotle for the win!). And that's where Matador enters the picture, or the bullring as it were. 

They teamed up with Carryology – which is  "the study of carrying things," but is also a brand specializing in better ways to carry things – to design new limited edition bags for (you guessed it) carrying things. Together they came up with the Trident series: three (get it) products that are simple, sleek, practical, and badass enough to bear the symbol of a greek god. 

We came in to complete the trifecta: Matador x Carryology x La Storia. Having shot the bags in swirls of smoke, showers of sparks, and doused in rain, Matador handed off the footage to us for post-production. The edit is a story of true collaboration from the concept, to the design, to the construction of the products and then the video itself. 

Like backpacks, there are edits, and then there are edits. This is one of the latter.