NXG Collection



  • Malibu, California
  • Los Angeles, California

If you’re a cyclist (or even if you’re not) you’ve most likely seen the Sagittarius logo and iconic mark of Giordana Cycling. Their apparel, proudly worn by Tour de France pro’s and weekend warriors alike, is a favorite amongst the cycling community. 

When it came time to market their NXG collection, it was important to Giordana that they showcase the tech-heavy features they had spent years perfecting in the new line, as well as tap into the experience factor and authentically motivate viewers to get stoked about riding. This teaser is one small part of a larger video campaign we produced for the line. The entire video series was filmed on-location in Malibu, CA over the course of 5 production days.


  • Creative Director Julian Andretta
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • Assoc. Producer Nathaniel Calnin
  • Camera Operator Chris Calnin
  • Grip Torrey Schoener
  • Field Audio & BTS Photography Geoff Walker
  • Editor Blake Edwards


  • Black Arm Flocine Stabilizer
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • Movi Pro
  • RED Epic