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nosh App Launch


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Agency: ScaleThat

We were brought in by our friends at Colorado-based agency, ScaleThat, to produce a video campaign for a client of theirs who was launching a new app in Amsterdam called nosh

A competitor to Yelp, nosh is a free reservation platform that unites hungry customers with available restaurants, offering discounts of up to 50% depending on the time you book your table.

We were tasked with the full production of this campaign, which included delivery of (1) supercut as well as (3) cutdown videos targeted at different demographics.  

Concepting, development and pre-production was completed in just over two weeks, which was a tricky feat when factoring in scouting and casting for multiple shoot locations and talent, International permitting, scripting for multiple languages, and differing time zones for key meetings with team members and project stakeholders. 

Production was captured on-location in Amsterdam and shot over the course of (3.5) days. Once Production was wrapped and our team was back in the states, we worked closely with the ScaleThat on all aspects of post production for this campaign.  One challenge in particular that we worked through was that it was paramount to show the friendly user interface between the app and the end-user, but as most tech companies can attest to, the app was still in development during our filming window. So we strategically staged our interactions with talent on-location and our talented animator on this project, Ryan Walker, digitally replaced all of the device screens in post production once the app interface was finalized a few weeks later. 

To finalize the spots, we brought in Boulder-based, Coupe Studios to oversee the impactful sound design that's featured in the super cut, and effort the final mix of each spot. And one of our favorite colorists in the biz - our buddy, Brian De Herrera-Schnering, to perform the color grading of this campaign. 

Once completed, this video campaign helped our client not only launch their new startup app, but generate the necessary investment capital needed as well.


  • Director Thomas Torrey
  • Director of Photography RC Walker
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • AC Chris Calnin
  • Editor RC Walker
  • Editor Tyler Boyd
  • Editor Zhuolin Hong
  • Animation & Compositing Ryan Walker
  • Color Correction & Grading Brian De Herrera-Schnering
  • Sound Design & Final Mix Coupe Studios


  • 8K RED Weapon
  • HMI 1200 Cine Par
  • HMI 4K Par-plus
  • LitePanel Astras
  • S60 ARRI SkyPanel
  • Sigma Cine Prime & Zoom Lenses