The Choice to Change

Western Governor's University


  • Denver/Boulder, CO

Higher education is a big deal. A college degree effects one's career, character, and future. It's also literally big because there are a zillion options for how to go about it, many of which involve massive campuses with even more massive tuition costs. One way to cut this particular Gordian knot is the uniquely 21st-century possibility of online courses.

When we partnered with Western Governor's University, true to the all-encompassing nature of college education, they came with a big campaign that would include commercials for four different schools: health, business, education, and I.T. That's a wide range indeed, and so we knew this project would need a lot of talent, a lot of locations, and a lot of crew to make it happen. It takes an army to run a school, and it turns out so too does it for commercial video production. 


Director: Andrea Nordgren
Director of Photography: Carlos Malache
Executive Producer/Creative Direction/Senior Editor: La Storia
Producer: Katie St. Peter
1st AC: Dustin Wheeler
1st AC: Noelle Aguilar
2nd AC: Jameson Vance
Gaffer: Troy Ten Eyck
Key Grip: Justin LaValley
Swing: Trevor Tietjen
Props / Wardrobe: Jess Thommes
HMU: Lily Marsh
DIT: Eric Gehringer
PA: Madelin Cover
PA: Daisy Veciana
Friends School LM: Tori Missbach
Erie Highlands LM: Mindy Espinosa
Concorde College LM: Dr. Wicke
Boulder Film Permits: Rosa Wright
CU Boulder Events: Brian Bishop
On-Camera Talent (Education): Kevin Reid / Bella Faith / Sabrina Wright / Jack, Frey, Nora, Glen (student extras)
On-Camera Talent (Business): Aisha Neal / Ryan LeCompte / James Perez
On-Camera Talent (I.T.): Diana Rivera / Joseph Perez / Kuraan Jones
On-Camera Talent (Health): Tim Clifford / Ally Aguilar / Kristen Noonen / Levi Terrell / Maya Jairum / Deborah Sherman / Lucia Malache
For some things it's true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In this case, we think the parts are greater than the whole. 

Passion becomes potential, potential becomes promise, and promise becomes production.