The Way of Water



  • Denver, CO

Most of the planet is covered in water. And most of the human body is also water. Most of the water covering Earth, however, is not the the sort one would want floating around in the body. So because the population of the planet would much rather think of their water-filled bodies as a crystal clear, pure mountain stream, and not some stagnant urban pond behind an apartment complex, an entire industry of water filters has risen up and taken over faucets and refrigerators everywhere. This is by and large a good thing because while Homer Simpson may have quipped, "If it's brown, drink it down; if it's black, send it back," in the real world the importance of clean drinking water is no joke. 

Our team concepted, shot, and edited two videos for PUR water filters that highlight the crucial, and ubiquitous, role water plays in our lives, and the necessity of making sure it is free of contaminants.

One lovely family + one lovely house + a bit of kitchen plumbing throw in there for good measure, and production was underway. Clear pitchers, shiny faucets, bright smiles, clean visuals, and lots of pure water pours. Ahh, very refreshing indeed.