LaCie 1big Docking Station



  • Boulder, Colorado

We are big fans of LaCie products. 

From their rugged drives to their docking stations, LaCie has been a trusted brand in data storage not only for us, but for the vast majority of filmmakers and production companies alike.  So when we were approached to produce a video campaign that debuted LaCie's new docking stations made for filmmakers, it was a real honor to work on a product targeted at our own industry!

We partnered with LaCie on the creation of (3) videos for this campaign and oversaw the concepting and strategy, pre-production, production and post-production of each spot.  

We filmed the content for all (3) videos in (1) 12-hr shoot day, on-location in Boulder, CO.  Our crew was absolutely stellar on this shoot and together, we knocked out a hefty shot list in record time.  Big shoutout to our DP on this project, Alex Witkowicz, who had flown in from filming in Bolivia late the night before, and hopped right in hours later to lead our team.

With production wrapped, we headed into Post Production where we oversaw editorial on all spots, as well as the design and implementation of animated graphics to call out key product features throughout each video.  

Though the product launch was delayed due to COVID-19, we look forward to hearing how other film makers like this docking station and hope it helps their workflow.

Until the next one, happy filming!




  • Creative Director Daniel Parker
  • Director of Photography Alex Witkowicz
  • Producer Molly McKinney
  • Art Director Heather Wicken
  • Gaffer Eric Fulcher
  • AC Chris Roe
  • Editor Chris Calnin
  • Animation & Compositing Andrew Dicharry
  • Casting Wilhelmina Denver


  • 3 Ton Grip Truck
  • 5600 Jo-Leko
  • 8K RED Weapon
  • LitePanel Astras
  • S60 & S30 ARRI SkyPanel
  • Sigma Cine Prime & Zoom Lenses