An Everyday Kind of Day

Balance of Nature


  • Longmont, CO

If you had all the free time you could ask for, what would you do? Maybe you would get super ambitious with grand ideas about Mt. Everest and end up spending a bunch of time hanging out with the throngs of other people watching the weather at basecamp. Perhaps you would make your contribution to the Mt. Everest of attempts at writing "the great American novel." Or maybe you'd finally clean up and organize the garage. 

You could do that. And who amongst the Instagram masses wouldn't love those photos and stories as much as your recent foray into cat memes? But you could also realize the dream that almost everyone has after the onset of adulthood – before they got distracted by flashy magazine ads while waiting for the dentist – of becoming a person who just appreciates the simple things in life.

For the dietary supplement brand Balance of Nature, we created two different commercials from this idea that even if your go-to answer to "what've you been up to?" is "not much," the weekends can still be sweet, and feel even sweeter. With some very cold mornings we had to make look warm, and a whole lot of company moves, overall it was – true to the concept – a fine balance of the active and the everyday.  

Picnics, DIY projects, and playing with your dog probably won't turn you into an influencer. But, rest assured, you'll be much healthier for it.