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DOC Services



  • Charlotte, NC
Machines range from the very simple – like a pair of scissors – to the extremely complex – like an engine. You can probably figure out how to fix your bicycle, and you'll likely think you can fix your toaster, only to spend an entire afternoon in vain and finally decide that you're actually totally over the whole avocado toast fad anyway and eat some crackers instead. But for those machines who's smorgasbord of buttons makes it a challenge to even know how to turn it on and off, there are skilled technicians like those at DOC Services who know things like which wire to cut (and which wire not to cut), what that one blinking light means, and which buttons will save you and which will get you into trouble. 
This video was created to highlight DOC Services' expertise and commitment to serve the greater Charlotte area with quality repairs and maintenance. It was specifically designated for display at an upcoming trade show the company had, which, we are proud to say, went off with flying colors! 


  • Creative Director Luis Costales
  • Director RC Walker
  • Director of Photography Jake Colletta
  • Executive Producer Molly McKinney-Walker
  • Producer Erick Hodge
  • 1st AC Josh Hall
  • 2nd AC Dave "Tino" Tolentino
  • Gaffer TJ Morrison
  • Key Grip Heath Turner
  • Production Assistant Grant Nicholls
  • Senior Editor Chris Svoboda