'Tis the Season

Honey Smoked Fish Co.


  • Boulder, CO

The end-of-the-year run of holidays is a beautifully mad kind of deliciousness. Not long after the Halloween candy high, comes Thanksgiving turkey, surrounded by a dozen sides that often enough steal the show. Just about the time when the leftovers are finally polished off and you can see the back of your refrigerator again, comes Christmas ham (or duck, if you prefer) and little bowls of sweets scattered all over the house that always seem to be full. And then you wash it all down with champagne a week later. 

For this shoot featuring Honey Smoked Fish Co's ready-to-serve salmon, we smooshed all three holiday's into a single day! Pumpkins became Christmas trees became Confetti. Beautiful. Mad. Delicious.

Photography by Stephan Werk