Brunch Vibes

Honey Smoked Fish Co.


  • Boulder, CO

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, and lunch may be built into the schedule of everyone's day, but in between the two is where the real fun is found. It is fitting that a mashup of two meals should be without any real rules: it's sweet and savory, light and rich, vitamin C and alcohol. No one really knows when brunch starts, and no one can predict when a brunch will end. One thing, though, is certain: it's one of the tastiest, funnest, most colorful ways to begin a day. 

For this photo shoot, we pretty much just let brunch work its magic, and sat four friends around a variety of salmon dishes from Honey Smoked Fish Co., kissed by sunlight in the midst of laughter and clinking glasses. 

Photography by Stephan Werk