Packrafting Line



  • Boulder, Colorado

Here's an amusing and informative story. When the team from Kokopelli came by the studio with the long list of new products they wanted to have photographed, we at La Storia half expected for a small mountain to be hauled in. Rafts, after all, are floatation devices meant to fit a person or two, plus a dog, plus a cooler full of refreshing beverages... and such. 

"Wait, this is everything?" we asked. "This is it," they replied. "This unassuming pile that looks like a stuffed sleeping bag, a roll of paper towels, a small backpack, and a few mesh bags you could fit in your pocket?" we doubled down, unfurling the shot list. "That's everything," 

To be sure, Kokopelli's product line does not include any Transformers. But there is, nevertheless, "more than meets the eye." Thanks to an orange pump about the size of a bar of soap, theses incredibly designed, full-sized rafts looming over and all around us in the studio.

Balancing them with but an index finger of well-placed C-stand, stringing up paddles to get that perfect angle, and arranging the small bits and pieces that go into an epic outdoor adventure, the theme of this e-comm shoot was "they said it can't be done... and they were never heard from again."