Game time. Fun shoot yesterday with @madabolic and @atypiccraft Time to get whipped into shape 💪 #MADabolic #workout #getfit #picoftheday #instapic #latergram

Laces out Dan. Wrapped up a few days filming for #charlottelatinschool athletics. #hawks #production #endzone

Lights, balloons, colors and cameras. Filming in the Hope Center for @mosaicclt this morning. #mosaic #balloons #party #grandopening

These accommodations are intense. #lightsout #camping #summer #mountains #NC #iphonepic #picoftheday

We hope this #tbt from last years Hawaii trip brings you a little sunshine on this rainy Queen City day…#hawaii #travel #jurassicpark #waves #nature

#bts teaser from our sandy shoot with @naeemfazal. Excited to post up the final piece soon! (📷: @mollybri) #desert #exmuslim #redepic #production #sand

Hanging with the next generation of #filmmakers. @mollybri showing them how it’s done! #pinewoodelementary #careerfair #production #future

Best part of waking up! #tbt to filming in some beauty NC mountains with @3pmcreativegroup. #eaglesnest #bannerelk #mountains #viewsfordays #nc

Someone once said “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey…” We’re not sure who said it, but it’s profound and fitting for our 2013! This year, we worked on some unique projects and met some incredibly passionate people. Hotels, craft services, coffee, red bulls and PBR’s, just a few of the things that kept us running. We flew in helicopters, hang gliders and airplanes. In the difficult circumstances, we learned how to grow and further support collaboration. We can’t help but be stoked and appreciative.   

Thanks to all our incredibly talented and hard working crew, friends, family and everyone who got their hands dirty with us…we could not have done it without you! We raise a glass and are pumped to cheers to a great year and get ready to hit the ground running in 2014. 

As our world is visually driven, here’s a glimpse into life this past year. 

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Happy New Years!


The LSP Crew


Through the lens, we have met some truly great people and seen some wild things. This past year, we were fortunate enough to experience this with our good friend and professional race car driver, Kevin Conway. Kevin came from a life of NASCAR to drive for Lamborghini in their inaugural year of the Super Trofeo Race series in North America. 

From the beginning of unveiling Kevin’s new race car to seeing him win the night race in Kansas, helping him further clinch the overall series win, it’s been a heck of a year!  

Through filming for Lamborghini and the race series this year, we have gotten to see first hand, some awesome racing and of course beautiful race cars. From the Kansas race, Lamborghini commissioned us to do a piece on Kevin to celebrate his win in Kansas and the overall series. We had a blast doing this and it was fun to see it come full circle with our good friend. Without further ado, below is the piece on Kevin. The world series commences in Italy next week and we are excited to see how Kevin and his Change Racing team fairs on the world stage.  


Taking a look back, here is the unveil video we did for Kevin and his Change Racing Lamborghini.

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/66641171


The roar of engines starting up, the smell of tires as they pound the track, the glowing brakes that light up the blacktop under the night sky…some of the many pieces that define the beauty of a race. Our recent collaboration with #lamborghini and #supertrofeo from #kansasspeedway.   



Today, I walked into my office, sat down at my desk, turned on my computer and stared at my coffee hoping to mentally will my beverage from molten lava to a drinkable second degree tongue burn. My eyes fixated on the flashing red light of my phone pestering me like a relentless gnat on a humid summer day. As I leaned over to push the voicemail button and kick off my day with a barrage of messages, I couldn’t help but glance up to my bulletin board to see a slue of motivational quotes I have heard and documented over the years. Quotes like “Live life to the fullest” and “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As I look at these quotes, I realize two things: 1) I can say with decent confidence I strive to achieve the desirable outcomes of said quotes and 2) these quotes aren’t only seen in my office. I have posted quotes all over my Facebook profile and on various status updates as if to impact others from the reiteration of wise interpretations of life from those before me.

Here in lies my problem: I’m starting to realize that my posting of quotes is often to mask a certain level of discontent—almost serving as a crutch when I am not feeling…well…motivated. By pure definition of the word, motivational quotes are used to “stimulate” a certain response. Therefore, someone requiring stimulation isn’t totally motivated and, in my own personal experience, leans heavily on words to validate something that might be missing. So am I using these words as description of my life or as a desire for my future? Now before I steer us down a negative and depressing path, let me bring us back. Nobody is perfect and I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that doesn’t have brief spat of discontent. In all honesty, I believe that to be content is to be lazy…but that’s a conversation for another time. My point is that motivational quotes just remind me of a certain level of wishful thinking.

My favorite journalist, Brendan Leonard, recently discussed in his blog, Semi-Rad, the phenomenon of Instagram. He acknowledged the overabundance of images of people doing awesome things and applauded their efforts. There is a stigma in the social media realm that so-in-so only posts pictures of an awesome meal or fun adventure. Leonard’s point: who cares? Maybe we all need to see our friends doing cool things to help inspire us to achieve post-worthy status!

I am really starting to agree with Leonard on this. I used to get annoyed with my friends only posting baby pictures, the amazing fajitas they prepared, the pic of just bare legs stretching out to the beautiful ocean, or the famous “look at me being pensive in this beautiful place.” But now, I say bring it on! These are things that need to be shared. There is too much negativity in our world and Instagram seems to be doing a great job of making things positive again.

I have recently grown obsessed with following the film crew from Camp 4 Collective. Not only are they wicked talented but they seem to be having so much fun exploring our beautiful globe, pushing their personal boundaries and sharing their story with others. I find myself inspired to go outside and push myself; I’m inspired to go make my own fun story in the hopes that someone sees what I am doing and possibly tries to replicate the excitement in their own adventures.

Motivational quotes are fantastic words of wisdom and can/should be recognized as positive reinforcement to living a fulfilling life. There is a place for them and we should not say goodbye to the art of the lyric. However, let us not hold these words as a crutch to our own discontent. The next time you hear a cool quote and start to post it on one of your 12 social media platforms, think about what people are going to be motivated by more: Reading your story? Or seeing your story?

The other day I posted a new quote on Facebook: “Limitations are optional.” I look back on it now and can think of 100 different images or short films I could have shared that would have done a better job portraying that message. Yes, I strongly believe limitations are optional but I also believe in “walking the walk.” One of my best friends, Lonnie Bedwell, happens to be totally blind from an injury suffered in a hunting accident. Lonnie recently became the first blind man to ever solo kayak the entire 226-mile Grand Canyon. He is proof alone that limitations are optional! Rather than posting a quote, sharing Lonnie’s story would have gone so much farther.

So in all this, here is what I’m trying to say. Don’t tell me your story; get out and show me!

Kyle Thomas- Guest writer for LSP


Last month, we had the incredible opportunity to film with Lamborghini as they started their inaugural Super Trofeo North America race series in Lime Rock Park, CT. Between the beautiful cars and great drivers, it was an awesome weekend and we are excited for the rounds to come. Here is a highlight video we did with Dax Shepard. He really is as hilarious in person as he is on TV and movies. 

VIDEO: http://bit.ly/14jGvpo


We teamed up with Change Racing to take the cover off their 2013 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race car. It’s a beautifully dynamic car with elegant lines and curves. We had such an amazing and talented team that truly made the difference. Will have to admit, there were times that got nerve-wracking, having a giant Kino Flo light on a crane out over the car. We all held our breathes most of the shoot until we could get the light away from the car ;)

We pulled an all night'r, getting wrapped at around 6:30AM. Long night, but well worth it for the final product. Kevin Conway will be racing this beauty starting at Lime Rock Park, CT on July 5th. We are super pumped for Kevin and Change Racing. To use a cliche tag line, time to “kick the tires and light the fires." 

Here is our very talented crew that was hard at work making this all possible:

Director of Photography: R.C. Walker

1st AC/Second Unit Camera: Geoff Walker

Producer: Molly McKinney

Gaffer: Travis VanSweden

Editor: H. Blake Edwards + R.C. Walker

Animation: Andrew Dicharry

Here is the link to final piece:


Behind the Scenes video



Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to stop and reflect on the great things going on in our lives and the beautiful scenes around us. Recently, we took trips to the Outer Banks and Hawaii. They were fantastic trips and very refreshing. Hard not to stop and reflect when you see amazing white, tan and black sand beaches, cliff faces that go for miles, waves crashing along the shore, stunning sand dunes and breathtaking sunsets. Above are a few stills from the travels. 

We are excited for the future and what lies ahead. Time to put some more coffee on and continue the grind. 


“I want to wake up every morning with a passion. I want to wake up with a smile on my face and be able to say ‘I Love What I Do.’ You can dream about it, or you can go out and make it happen” Inspiration for your Friday.

— Quote from one of Red Bull’s recent “World of Red Bull” spots. 


Great day of filming with RAB Racing. Pumped for the future and to get a camera and some wheels on a track somewhere!



The streets of Old City Jerusalem. (at Old City of Jerusalem / Հին Քաղաք / העיר העתיקה / البلدة القديمة)


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