We teamed up with RAB Racing to produce some teasers to get people fired up for their shop and team this season. They really want to take a step out in the world of NASCAR with their new style and image. From the cars all the way down to the new threads, they will look very sharp. We wanted to help capture the essence of the new image with these videos and are stoked with the outcome.

Excited for Alex Bowman and the team racing the season opener in Daytona this weekend. Time to rock! Look out for more videos coming down the pipeline for RAB Racing. 



Fun shoot the other day for Freightliner Trucks and Atypic Craft. 


We just got back last week from a much needed escape vacation to Colorado for Christmas. It was great to see family and friends and get refreshed. The SouthEast is incredible and has brought so many blessings. But it has been a little tough not having mountains as close/easily accessible. We truly were spoiled growing up in Colorado. So this trip home was very needed and helped us regroup and find the escapes to Crowders Mountain and other places close to Charlotte. The outdoors and woods are where we truly are inspired and feel refreshed. The sport and exercise is very clutch to clear the head and let go of anything holding you down. We just made a pact to intentionally make nature time and exploring a priority…it’s already working big time! 

The last few months have truly been a roller coaster, but things are starting to pick up and we couldn’t be more excited to keep putting our nose down and grinding through it. This past week after getting back, we worked nearly everyday and things were quite busy. Now it’s slowed down a bit, but the trip back to the homeland really got us fired up to keep moving forward. Plus, how can you say no to those mountains? It just wouldn’t be right to. 

Till the next adventure. 



Yesterday we were fortunate to help out on a set for Petty Driving Experience. The shoot was at Charlotte Motor Speedway and was a blast. Some beautiful stock and muscle cars were part of the talent and they nailed it! Rutledge Wood from Top Gear US on the History Channel was the man and did a fantastic job acting and leading through the script.

We were there to work with Wheelhouse Media, a top grade production company in Charlotte and doing some great productions in town! All in all a great day and excited to see how it comes out. Here are a few iPhone behind the scenes pics from the day. 





Cool video and great cause. Jeff Holt is a fantastic photographer who captured the story of Doc Hendley and his organization, Wine to Water, so well. We love the tagline of Doc’s book about his journey, “A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World.” 

Sums it up well and we hope and wish the best for Doc and his team as fight to bring clean water and life to some very incredible people in need around the world. 





Snow love. 


Beautiful sunrise in Colorado this morning! The Flatirons look fantastic.




Going back to Colorado today for a Christmas vacation….hope to see some nice flurries and get some sweet turns! Photo courtesy of Aspen/Snowmass. 



Throwback BTS. That’s a mighty big crane!



Le Marais. 


Missing us some winter snow…hope Colorado gets some soon for the Holidays.


We had the pleasure of filming again with 24 Hours of Booty this year! It’s moving to hear the amazing stories of people dealing with Cancer. The organization is incredible and the event is a stellar time! Can’t wait for next year. 




A couple behind the scenes snaps from filming last weekend. We are putting together a story for Girls on the Run, such an amazing organization helping todays young girls. Pumped to see how it comes out! 



About 7 months ago we teamed up with a local criterium bike race in the Queen City. They centered the race around an area called NoDa or North Davidson. It’s such a cool and creative spot in Charlotte with rich arts and culture, a perfect place for a criterium bike race. The race was an incredible success and knocked it out of the park for the first year expectations. We amassed some serious footage and ideas and put together the below video.

The even bigger story here and the reason for this post is what the NoDa GP Directors did with the funds…they built two wells in Uganda through the non-profit Global H2o. I think they say it best on the impact and legacy of those wells: 

“With the funds that were raised from the 2012 NoDa GP we were able to install a well for two schools in Kitgum, Uganda. This well will provide clean water for over 2000 kids and locals. The kids will no longer have to walk long distances to get water from unsanitary locations. This will improve the time that they are able to study and they will miss fewer school days from being sick." 

This is the real and true success of the race this year and what makes us so proud and excited to be a part of telling it’s story. We for sure hope next year is even bigger and better, making that much more of a difference in Kitgum. Well done guys, here’s to 2013. 








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Awesome shots from Peter Taylor Photography!


Beautiful video and incredible story by Jacob Lewis and the Pioneers team. http://www.jacoblewis.tv and http://www.pioneers.org 


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