There’s a unspoken profoundness watching the sun set behind the high mountains of Colorado, being out of breath from running up the hill with a Movi and truly experiencing an amazing moment at work. We may be partial, having grown up in Colorado, but we’ll take any excuse we can to get up into the mountains.

We recently partnered with Seagate Technologies on a project to showcase their new DJI Fly Drive and its features. We spent a day with our friend Jordan, who is a filmmaker in his own right and an avid DJI Mavic flyer, exploring some of the lakes and mountains on the Colorado Eastern Slope. This shoot had a lot of fun perks with several drones, our Movi Pro and even a pimped out, lifted Jeep.

Our turnaround for final delivery was tight, which gave us a short time to pull it together.  We location scouted, finalized creative, found our talent, submitted detailed maps and shot lists to our location staff, secured our certified drone pilot and got it all approved in just one week. The weather and nearby forest fires posed some additional challenges as well, but ironically provided us with nature’s soft diffusion. The entire piece was shot on-location over a single day and we worked with on-site park rangers and property managers to locate the best places to film each scene.

We had a lot of fun making this video!  A huge thanks to Seagate, the park rangers, our awesome aerial crew, and all that were involved in helping us bring this concept to life.  Check out Seagate if you get a chance.  The technology they create is truly revolutionary and is helping to reshape the way we are able to go out, capture, and store.


CLIENT: Seagate Technologies

PRODUCTION: La Storia Productions


Producer: Molly McKinney

Director / DoP: R.C. Walker

Aerial Drone Pilot: Stephen Morgan

Assistant Camera: Isaac Walsh

Camera:  Sony FS700 & A7sII

Lenses: Fujinon MK18-55mm & 50-135mm

Intelligentsia Racing - Red Hook Criterion:

The heart pounds with excitement, elevated from the roar of the fans. The energy is as palpable to the spectators as it is to the competitors. Lady Liberty is gracefully watching from a distance, as the high intensity cycling race flows through the streets.  This is the making of The Red Hook Criterion, a fixed gear cycling race that celebrated its 10t anniversary in Brooklyn this year.

We teamed up with Intelligentisa Racing and their key sponsors, Giordana Cycling, Pinarello Bicycles, and Intelligentsia Coffee Company, to document the team racing at Red Hook.  With team leader, Colin Strickland, being the reigning champ and race favorite, the team had a lot of hype going into the race. We wanted to capture that intensity but also give more of an inside look into Colin and why he loves racing.

It was a run-n-gun shoot, with a small crew, consisting of early mornings / late nights, espressos, lots of crowd dodging, public transportation, tacos, bikes and a good amount of lycra.



Creative Director: Julian Andretta

Producer: Geoff Walker

Director of Photography: Tricia Coyne

Editor: Tricia Coyne

CAMERA: Canon C100 & Sony A7SII 

Cam Newton Foundation:

Most of us would happily admit to dabbing, maybe even super-manning. When the moment’s right, it’s hard to resist. Even if you’re not an NFL fan, you probably know the signature moves of Panther’s quarterback, Cam Newton. What’s truly unique about his character though is his passion to do work off the field with his foundation, The Cam Newton Foundation (CNF). The CNF is committed to enhancing the lives of youth by addressing their educational, physical and social needs.

We were honored to partner with CNF again this year for their annual Charity Weekend. The event kicks off with… a Kick-Ball tournament and is followed by a fabulous gala that features some signature dance moves by Cam himself and appearances from celebrities. The event not only raises significant support for the organization and the kids it benefits, but it leaves a lasting impression that Every 1 Matters.



Project Manager: Geoff Walker

Producer: Jonathan Grubbs

Camera Operator: Michael Grissinger

Camera Operator: Jake Colletta

Camera Operator: Austin Comer

CAMERA: Canon C300 + Sony A7SII

Compass Group:

Even if you have never heard of Compass Group, chances are they have touched your life at some point. Compass Group is the global leader in contract foodservice and hospitality serving millions. They serve award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and more.

We partnered with our friends at the Plaid Penguin to create story driven videos that would showcase some of the success stories of Compass Group employees. The videos were intended as a recruitment tool for their website. We worked with Plaid Penguin to ensure that the look and feel of the videos, matched the branding aesthetic that was being designed for the website.

It was important to bring realism and authenticity to each individual story.  This approach enabled viewers, and potential employees, to connect with some of the hard working folks and present all of the opportunities Compass affords to those wanting to grow in their careers.  

Principle filming was done over 3 days at various locations and facilities around Charlotte, NC. Because these were real stories, all interviews and b-roll were shot at working locations with real people.


CLIENT: Compass Group

AGENCY: The Plaid Penguin

PRODUCTION: La Storia Productions


Plaid Penguin Creative Director: Joe Haubenhofer

Plaid Penguin Client Services: Alyse Meyer

LSP Client Services: Geoff Walker

Producer: Molly McKinney

Director of Photography: R.C. Walker

2nd Camera: Michael Crissinger

Key Gaffer: Brett Ray

Camera:  Canon C300 & C100, Sony A7sII

Lenses: Fujinon 19-90mm, Canon EF Lenses


Our friends at the Atypic Craft agency commissioned us to help create 3 comedy web spots for their client, Freightliner Trucks, featuring a few of their prominent NASCAR athletes (a few names, even if your not an NASCAR aficionado, you probably have heard in passing: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch, and Kasey Kahne).

We worked with Atypic and Freightliner from the beginning to craft spots that were specific to each driver and their personalities. Our director, who is a mastermind of comedy and even dabbles in improv in his free time, was instrumental in getting the best performance.

We were presented with some difficult logistical challenges due to the driver’s schedules and some interesting technical quirks with their small co-talent (we don’t want to spoil the punch line, so you’ll have to watch for yourself). We filmed the spots over 3 days, in 3 separate locations, with only an hour allotted to each driver.  It was a hustle but we are very pleased with the results and hope you’ll laugh as much as we did. 



CLIENT: Freightliner  Trucks

AGENCY: Atypic

PRODUCTION: La Storia Productions


Agency Director: Luis Costales

Agency Coordinator: Megan Skelton

Producer: Molly McKinney

Director: Blake Edwards

Director of Photography: R.C. Walker

1st AC: Zach Whiteside

Gaffer: Travis VanSweden

Gaffer: Jim Cote

Grip: Kelly Rubottom

Audio: Geoff Walker

Audio: Kiernan McMahon


LENSES: Arri Ultra Primes

The Classic road shot. It may be cliche, but sometimes you just gotta go for it. #travel #california #wanderlust #tbt #latergram #r3d #LostinLA

The beast car rig! So nice to have this for the high high and low low shots we really wanted. More #bts pics and #framez to come soon.

#bts from the #giordanacycling shoot in California earlier this month. More pics and videos to follow! 

Cruising through the photo archives and decided to post up some past gems from around the world! Hope you enjoy. 

These are some screen grabs from the #redepic from a few shoots down at Palmetto Bluffs in Blufton, SC. This was our second trip down to PB and everytime we go down, we find something else we love about the property and views. Of course it helps when you get to try some slow motion of fires, watch a full on mud fight inches away from your camera and as you would imagine, see some stunning sunrises and high speed boat cruises.

We look forward to the next time we get to adventure here and find another fun aspect of the ever growing property. 

Traveling is so much easier when you have @douchebags by your side. #travel #colorado #airport #planes #luggage

#tbt to our first cable cam, with an old DV camera…a few things have changed since then. #cablecam #griprigs #keepinitrural #production #france

Now we’re cooking with 🔥! #food #cooking #fire #musictoyourmouth

Yesterday, we were filming at the GoPro Motorplex and got to put the new #gopro #hero4 to the test. This was a #screengrab we snagged…just moments before the little guy flew off of the kart and after doing several flips, tuck and rolled onto the grass. It was pretty awesome to see the footage of this go down. Don’t worry, though, no GoPro’s were injured in the making of this scene, but fun was had by all. 

We definately enjoyed using the new cameras. The Silver and Black editions each have unique and great benefits and we are excited to continue using them in all sorts of situations and locations. Cheers to GoPro for another great update of these little beasts.


Fly ✈️ little buddy! It’s the year of the Dragon. #redepic #reddragon #cinema #production

These guys are fierce and determined. #latergram from the #floridaclassic a few weeks back. #collegefootball #determination #florida

What needs to happen after all that #thanksgiving eating. #latergram from riding with @ingambatours this past July. #cycling #pinarello #giordanacyclingapparel #ingamba #instagood

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