La Storia's New Client Portal Is LIVE

La Storia's New Client Portal Is LIVE

Introducing a lil somethin' that you never knew you always needed. Say hello to our new dashboard platform. 

Proprietary and secure, this fierce little tool was developed exclusively for La Storia clients by our talented friends at Atypic, with a ton of features packed into a deceptively sleek design.  

  • Real-Time Project Timelines

​Say goodbye forever to never-ending email threads and a barrage of status updates. With always-current timelines, you can instantly see how far along your project is, and proudly remove "circle back" from your daily email lingo. 

  • Essential Project Info at Quick Glance 

From key contacts, to financial documents and legal releases, everything you need is securely housed and available to select team members 24/7. Ensure all project stakeholders are on the same page, accessing the latest information at anytime, from anywhere. 

  • All Creative Assets in One Tidy Interface

No more endless clicking, scrolling and digging to find the right vector logo or latest scripts and storyboards.  Upload and download all relevant project assets in a flash, and easily access documents ready for your review.

  • One-Click Preview Approvals 

Easily track the progress of your content, quickly log feedback, and see what media has been approved by team members with auto-generated timestamps and approver initials.  

  • Streamlined Delivery of Complete Project

Supercuts, and cut downs, and pre-rolls, oh my!  Today's marketing campaigns demand a TON of great content.  Thankfully, our secure, multi-file, batch delivery feature organizes all your final media assets for you, and makes downloading them a breeze. 


Big shout out to Luis Costales, Jason Mills and the entire Atypic Craft team who helped us bring our napkin scribbles to digital life. And a special thank you to Nicole Reyes, Camille Ziccardi, Steve Kenny, Kara Hollinger, and more who kindly beta-tested various features for us and helped us fine-tune this platform to best serve the needs of our clients and agency partners.


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