Outside Voice



  • Boulder, CO


There is a lesser known Zen koan that, while still firmly ground in the natural world, involves sports instead of philosophical ruminations. The question is this: if a moment of great athleticism is achieved in a forest – or on a mountain, or in a river, or on a rock face – and no one is there is to brag to, or to congratulate you, do your screams of "booyah!" and "woo-hoo!" really exist? The jury of adrenaline-junkie monks is still out on this one. 

Luckily, we don't have to content ourselves with the sound of one hand clapping any longer. Cardo's new PackTalk Outdoor ensures that all of your friends and family accompanying you into the great outdoors will be aural witnesses to your every highlight (and blooper).

In order to highlight just how much Cardo packed into this product, we took the trio of compact devices into our studio and turned the lights low for this companion piece to the commercial shot of pro-skiers putting it to the test on the slopes. It may be hard to find the words to describe the highs of defying gravity in various ways out in the beauty of nature, but with the PackTalk Outdoor you'll be able to throw out all of the slang and jargon in the book.