Welcome Home

The Gondolier


  • Boulder, CO

The Gondolier has been a local staple in the Boulder community for more than 50 years. And for good reason! From their delicious homemade pastas to garlic knots that melt in your mouth, they'll have you licking your fingers and plate in front of complete strangers by the end of the meal.  

We were brought in by owner, Nelson Kugel, to create a promotional video for his restaurant chain that shared their story, family values, and their delicious food along the way.

After meeting with Nelson and exploring a few different directions we could take for the video, we decided to hone in on how they treat their customers like family.  That lead us to the tagline:  "Here, we believe a night out should feel as comfortable as a night in, because anything that brings families together is worth the extra time it takes to make from scratch.”

With concepting and pre-production completed, we filmed the video in just (1) shoot day at the restaurant's Boulder location with a 3-man production crew.  For talent, we used real Gondolier staff members and Nelson's actual customer's who happened to be dining that night.  This approach was not only cost effective, but it tied back to the initial concept, reiterating that treating people like family and serving approachable, homemade food is what makes this place feel like home.  Hence, why families have been coming "home" to The Gondo for generations.