Marine Corp Marathon

Marine Corp Marathon


Kyle and Jason

With the passing of this years Marine Corp Marathon, we felt it was due time to put up a post and recap of Kyle and Jason running together. Almost a year ago, we did a video to tell the story and incredible friendship of Kyle and Jason as part of Push America’s “Why I Run” campaign. We were very excited with the response the video received and the people that were touched by their story. It is only fitting to now fast forward to this years Marathon where the culmination of over a year of training, preparation and passion came to fruition at the 36th annual running of the Marine Corp Marathon in D.C. We had the privilege of going up to the nations capitol to snap some photos of the event and Push America’s team. It was a fantastic weekend and we had so many pictures to choose from!

I think the only way to truly recap the experience is with a story. This one takes place within 5 miles of the finish. I was sitting on the railing of the bridge above the course, about 30 plus feet above the runners. It was a cooler day and rain was still seeped into the grounds after the previous days storm. I sat in anticipation of Push America’s runners passing by as entered the bridge below me. This was as you would say “a birds eye” view and the hope was to get some great candid photos of the team from there. After a while of sitting up there, I started talking to a man next to me who was seated just like me, camera in tow and headphones on listening to music. As we sat there looking for our runners, both yelling and snapping away as they ran under our legs, something started to change within me. I was sent to D.C. to capture the events and moments surrounding Push America participating in the marathon, but in this moment it became so much more.

When I looked towards the horizon, there they were. I could see the faint image of Kyle and Jason crest the hill as they headed towards the bridge. A feeling came over me and I forgot about all the stresses of the day, the muddy shoes and pants, the pictures that had not turned out how I had hoped, and the tired eyes and hungry stomach. Seeing them together again, near completion to what they had set out for, the goal that seemed so far reaching at times, so close to the finish line was inspirational. I felt like a proud father hearing his child speak for the first time or seeing them graduate from college or get married. Though I had only a small, tiny part in their story, I was overwhelmed with excitement and passion for them getting to where they were, their hard work and determination.

This feeling is no doubt the same feeling so many other fans, supporters, runners and friends alike experienced as they neared the finish. This was it, mission accomplished, they had made it. But it was so much more than even finishing this race. They had showed that their story is so much bigger than the two of them, their friendship, character and spirit are incredible and truly life changing. These pictures are just a few from the weekend of Kyle and Jason. This story is just a small glimpse into the weekend and their story. We cannot wait to see them reunite again together soon. Kyle and Jason and “Why I Run." 


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