Greater Charlotte Freight PSA: As kids, we all...

Greater Charlotte Freight PSA:  As kids, we all...


Greater Charlotte Freight PSA:

As kids, we all remember that moment.  The ground starts to shake beneath our feet, the whistle blows in the distance, our heart pounds with excitement and then you catch your first glimpse of her; the most beautiful steel lady you’ve ever seen. She moves down the tracks with a powerful grace, her cars majestically in tow. Not much has changed; our team still gets that child-like excitement when we see a train or an airplane take off. We were fortunate to recently work on a project that allowed us to relive those childhood memories by filming trains, planes and trucks.

Centralina Council of Governments, one of our clients on this project, helps find innovative solutions to both existing and future challenges facing Greater Charlotte and unifies the region’s collective resources to help grow the economy, create jobs, improve the quality of life and control the cost of government. After being selected from their RFP process, we were tasked by CCOG and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, to create a PSA that would highlight the importance of freight in the region and in the country. We worked in creative collaboration with CCOG and decided the best way to showcase the importance of freight was to show the impact it has on the quality of our daily lives, the resources we consume, and give a nod to those that work tirelessly to make it possible.We shot the whole piece in just 3 days, at multiple locations across the Greater Charlotte region. The tough thing about trains, planes and trucks is that they don’t like to sit still for very long.  We wanted to capture them in their environment, working and hauling goods, so it took a large amount of pre-production and scheduling to make sure we captured all that was desired, in short bursts to not disrupt the equipment’s schedules, and in a safe manner for our crew and talent. Thanks to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department, Walmart, Piedmont Rail, American Airlines, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Film and the towns of Waxhaw and Belmont, NC we were able to shut down roads, perform rolling road blocks, ride around on train engines, get up under airplanes and out on runways.

To keep the piece authentic and highlight real people, all of the workers featured in this video were captured in their real world / local environments. This project would not have been possible without these hard working individuals, our stellar crew and the hard working team at CCOG.

We are happy to be a part of this campaign and grateful its been received well by the community. We hope that next time you see one of these beautiful metal machines go down the road, you’ll pause for a moment and smile, knowing all that they provide to our way of life and this world we proudly inhabit.


CLIENTS: Centralina Council of Governments & North Carolina Department of Transportation


PRODUCTION: La Storia Productions



LSP Client Services: Geoff Walker

Producer: Molly McKinney

Director: Michael Crissinger

Director of Photography: R.C. Walker

1st AC: Zach Whiteside

Audio: Geoff Walker

Key Gaffer: Brett Ray

Grip: Kelly RuBottom

Production Assistant: Jack Fernandez


Camera:  RED Weapon 8K

Lenses: Fujinon 20-120mm, Arri Ultra Primes


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